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Approaching Arrival of New Creation

New baby boy is due October 19th, but we are expecting that he arrives earlier.  He seems anxious to come into the world.  Many changes are expected, and making new jewelry designs is one of them.  When I was pregnant with our other son, the amount of jewelry, and designs changed.  I made a decision to focus on stamping at that time, and hone in on practicing those skills.  Going from making complicated pieces, to stamping simple discs and incorporating nature more into my pieces.  I started to do meadow scenes that were based off our evening walks that I would take during and after pregnancy.  Those evening walks that included bats coming out at dusk to catch their dinner, night hawks dancing around in the sunset.  The sound of crickets and coyotes that added to the orchestra of natures sounds.  It was intoxicating to the senses, and benefited the nature scenes that came to life through my hand stamping.  Instead of judging my work before I even created it, I started to just stamp and remove the criticism and thought that would plague me and choke my designs and creativity.  I have already started to change my designs and stop holding myself back due to fears and anxieties of how my work will be perceived.  I wanted to mimic natures patterns exactly in most designs after a while due to the judgement of my own work.  Now it is time to add my own artistic flair to my pieces again and just let it flow out.  My art has gone through many stages and essentially has come full circle back to pure creation of whatever comes while removing the thought that constricts that process.