You can also find my jewelry at Abingdon Vineyards and Southern Threads LLC.

About Artist

My name is Shaun Graham and I am the creator of Peles Song Jewelry in 2013.  I love to be able to create and have alone time while I listen to spiritual teachers and learn some truths about myself.  The freedom it creates in my own schedule is good at times, and bad at others.  Art has always been an outlet for me since being a child, and the need to create as well.  I stumbled on making jewelry while at an art show in Bossier, La. where I met a fellow jewelry artist.  Her work gave me the chills and inspired me like nothing else at that dark time in my life.  I ended up being an apprentice of hers, and she taught me the basics of making jewelry.  She has remained a close friend and I still go to her for jewelry questions to this day. 

I have nothing special to say about myself except that I strive to be a better person on a daily basis, and when you are wearing my jewelry you cannot help but integrate that into your life as well.  Jewelry has been a healing journey for me, and a symbol of the changes that happen in life.