You can also find my jewelry for sale at Abingdon Vineyards in Abingdon, Va.

About Artist


My name is Shaun Marie Graham and I am the creator of Peles Song Jewelry. I am originally from Corpus Christi, Tx. and spent most of childhood outdoors. I am a mother of two children who are 18 and 3. Our small family lives in Rural Retreat, VA with my husband, son and two animals. We are expecting another son in late October 2021.

I opened Peles Song Jewelry in 2013 in Winona, TX working from a metal shed in my driveway with simple tools, and a workbench. After getting off active duty in the military in 2012, I had decided to try at jewelry after meeting a jewelry artist at a local show. She inspired me greatly with her hand stamped jewelry and the stories behind each. She agreed to take me in as an apprentice, and taught me all the basics of making my own tools to stamp pictures on each piece, as well as soldering, setting stones, sawing, stamping, etc. She has become a life long friend and mentor.

We have moved several times since, making it impossible to focus solely on the jewelry business until 2015. I made the decision to quit my job of grooming dogs in 2018 while pregnant with my son to stay at home and create jewelry. The name Peles Song Jewelry is a very long and drawn out story, but boils down to one of the volcanoes in Hawaii that creates much of the land. My jewelry comes from a place of creation and humble beginnings, and is inspired by nature and its ability to constantly create. I do everything in the business from marketing, to making all the inserts that go into my hand packaged gifts. I currently sell items at the Abingdon Vineyards in Abingdon, Virginia where there is a constant display of new jewelry that is created on a regular basis.